Hey 👋

I'm back.

I'm back, took a break from writing, and took one week off. During my break, I moved to a more ‘work from home’ friendly apartment and bought a car, all to create more freedom for a new future.

My run on the beach last week was epic. (picture from my Instagram story)

It does feel like I'm living in the past, back in February. The concepts of tail risk, exponential growth are forgotten, and we are starting all over.

We are in a unique position that we can prepare ourselves (the reason why I took a break) for the second part of 2020, which is not going to be easier than the first half.

One thing that comes up a lot are the restrictions from the government, and how this affects people’s freedom. But if you define your freedom by wearing a mask or practice social distancing, you should ask yourself better questions. For example; do you have control over:

  • Who you work with

  • What you work on

  • When to work

  • From where to work

Perspective changes everything, we make everything to complicated. In the whole mask debate… Why can't we follow a simple rule; do not harm others; they in return should not harm you.

But apparently, when you mix science and politics, you get politics. We need to change this.

We should think about the future again and solve the problems and obstacles that are in front of us.

This is the main reason why I started this newsletter, to structure my own thoughts and receive feedback on my ideas. You don't learn by keeping your ideas to yourself. You learn in public, it creates skin in the game.

The fact is, most solutions are pretty simple. But we need to need to ask ourselves better questions. For example; How are you going to optimize your life to become anti-fragile in this crisis and build a new future? 

Have an epic week.